Blanes, This is not just a name in the Catalonia Map!

Moving up through the Costa Brava there are many exciting spots that you will come across, the one that court my attention in full was Blanes. Remembering talking to my friends about the views we all had the same reaction and I guess you have to be there to understand the full picture, I know the video and some images can translate a bit of the fantastic scenes, but you have to get to Blanes to fully understand what I mean.

Fascinating calm beaches with lots of areas to claim for yourself.

At the end of the coastline lies a castle with the name of Castle of San Juan, after a 5 minute drive up the mountain you will find yourself with a view that is irreplaceable, up there with that view it almost feels like your flying, you have panoramic views that will burn to your memory forever.

You will not find a hight number of great restaurants and cocktail bars right by the waters edge like this town, mix a sangria with some tapas or the dish of the day surly it will be something unforgettable.

The beaches in Blanes extend to an almost 4KM each! As well as the conspicuous attraction of the beach, there is plenty to keep the whole family occupied. Fishing is still a consequential part of life and leisure, and the modern harbour facilities have resulted in complete access from the sea. Those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land can still enjoy the daily fish auction which takes place from Monday to Friday between 4:00PM and 6:00PM at the Llotja.

After you done with the beach and views, walk into the city centre and you will find lots of coffee and fashion boutiques, it will be hard to choose the best one as there are many to choose from.

Blanes is definitely one of the cherries in my Catalonian cake.