Girona history by her side.

Girona is a city in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region, beside the River Onyar. It’s known for its medieval architecture, walled Old Quarter (Barri Vell) and the Roman remains of the Força Vella fortress. Landscaped gardens line the Passeig Arqueològic, a walkway following the Old Quarter’s medieval walls, which include watchtowers with sweeping views.

Historic City
When you learn about Girona history is by her side, with over 2000 years.
The city preserves artistic heritage with lots of monuments well presented.

To name some:
The Força Vella dates from the 1st-10th Century
The Cathedral 11th-17th Centruies
The arabs Baths 12th Centtury
Basilica of Sant Feliu 13th-18th Centturies
The Jewish Quarter 12th- 15th Centuries
The walls 14th Centuries
The Valley and Convent of Sant Daniel 12th – 15th centuries
La Rambla de la Livertad 13th- 19th centuries
The Universitad 13th-19th Centuries
San Martin Sacosta 16th 17th Centuries
La Plaça del Vi 13th century.