Besalú A Medieval Town in Girona

If you are visiting Besalú do not miss the opportunity to walk across the medieval bridge, one of the most spectacular sights in Girona

Approaching a bridge I felt I was in a medieval film and this is what most people feel as the cross the height bridge.

Restaurants and cafes and lots of unique crafted shops with unreal merchandise deals.
To make this trip more appealing you can hear a Handpan tuning into the scenery blending your mind transport you to the past, look for the amazing musician always seating at the bridge main door I promise it will blow your mind.



Beautiful and quaint, this is the cutest town I have seen so far in Catalonia….

Besalú narrow cobblestone streets, ancient stone buildings, and Romanesque churches are charming.
The population in Besalú is 2438 and the area 4.9km²

Situated in the “La Garrotxa” region of the province of Girona.

Besalú has been declared a national historic – artistic ensemble because of its high architectural value, it only takes a few seconds to agree.

The is a fascinated museum that stands out worthwhile to enter, the miniature and micro-miniatures artwork making the perfect excuse to take a look.