The Catalan Donkey

The Catalan donkey is a breed of donkey originally from the Spanish province of Girona. At this present time it is in danger of extinction, reduced to only 400 specimens of which most are found in Catalonia.

This robust race, with black hair and big head, is characterised by its great resistance. His disappearance from the rural Catalan means is due to the introduction of modern heavy machinery that make it unnecessary for agriculture and transport as it was once. The Catalan donkey as an emblem; After several years without receiving any attention, the Catalan donkey reached great popularity unexpectedly in 2004, when two young people from Banyoles, Jaume Sala and Àlex Ferreiro decided to create a sticker for cars with the silhouette of this animal, with the objective, half in Seriously half joking, to draw attention to the danger of this breed disappearing and thus facilitate its conservation. The logo became popular in Catalonia in the following months, appearing on all kinds of stickers, t-shirts and other objects. During the months when the Catalan donkey was on the cover of the press,  Subsequently, it became an emblem of the Catalans in an unexpected way, since it has been considered that it must be protected and in this way Catalonia is related to ecology. At the moment the emblem of the ruc català (‘Catalan donkey’) is used by some people as a protest symbol of Catalan nationalism, in opposition to the Osborne bull. Political parties in favor of environmentalism such as Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV) sympathize with the symbol only because it reveals the danger of extinction of this race.